Rock Drills

MW-S83 Jackleg Drill

Mid-Western S83

We are the OEM of the S83 line of Jackleg Drills, Stoper Drills, and Sinker Drills.  We acquired the intellectual rights from Gardner Denver in the 1980's and have been manufacturing the S83 drills under the Mid-Western name ever since.  We have all the drawings, specifications, process knowledge, and decades of experience.  There have been many imitators over the years, but nobody can match our quality and performance.  See for yourself why our S83 drills will outperform any other hand-held drill on the market.  Click here for more information on the S83 drills. 

Older Model Gardner Denver Hand-Held Drills

We supply parts and repair service for older model Gardner Denver Drills.

Gardner Denver S48

Gardner Denver S53

Gardner Denver S58

Gardner Denver S63

Other Jackleg Drills

Don't have one of our S83 rock drills?  No problem.  We also supply parts and repair service for other makes and models.

Atlas Copco

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YT Models

Chipping Hammers

Paving Breakers

And more...

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Drifter Drills

We supply parts and repair service for a variety of drifter drills.

Secoma Hydrostar

Atlas Copco

Gardner Denver PR55 

Gardner Denver PR123

And more...

S83 Demon Drill

We have taken the power and dependability of our S83 Sinker Drill and mounted it to a pneumatic feed.  The result is a powerful, compact, lightweight drill rig that's perfect for drilling small diameter boreholes.  It's great for highway and road crews, construction crews, utility companies, quarries, and more.  Drill blast holes for boulders blocking roadways after a landslide.  Drill sniffer holes to check for gas leaks in municipal locations.  Drill holes for fence installations in stubborn rock.  With a variety of mounting options, it can be used with just about any piece of equipment. The possibilities are endless!  

Check out the Demon Drill in action.